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How to Grow Pineapples at Home step by step easy Way - DIY to grow Pinea...

You will learn in this movie How to Grow Pineapples at Home
step by step easy way - DIY to grow a Pineapple plant from the Top.

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The pineapple (Ananas comosus), known in Portugal as pineapple, is a tropical infructescence produced by the plant of the same name, characterized as a monocotyledonous plant of the family of bromeliáceas of the subfamily Bromelioideae. It is a symbol of the tropical and subtropical regions. The cultivated pineapples belong to the species Ananas comosus, which comprises many fruit varieties. There are also several wild species belonging to the same genus. The fruit, when ripe, has a very acidic and often sweet taste.
Despite what common sense dictates, pineapple is not a citrus fruit [3].
The pineapple is semiperent plant that reaches one meter high. First, it produces a single fruit, situated at the apex; then, with the lateral branching of the stem, other fruits appear, so that the productive phase can last for several years. As an adult, it consists of roots, stem (stem), leaves, fruits and seedlings. The root system, of the fasciculate type, is superficial, since most of the roots are in the first 15 cm of soil. The stalk is shaped like a club, relatively short and thick. The leaves are shaped like gutters, with spines and are inserted in the stalk, forming a dense spiral dextrogira and levogira.
The edible part of the pineapple is the juicy pulp formed by the walls of the frutilhos stores and by the parenchymal tissue that binds them, as well as the outer portion or shell of the heart. According to the part of the plant in which they are produced, the pineapple seedlings are classified into four types:
Crown - change of the apex of the fruit;
Puppy - change of peduncle;
Bulrush - change of the insertion region of the peduncle with the stalk of the plant;
Burst - changes the stalk of the plant.
Pineapple is a very sensitive plant to the cold, but it resists to droughts. Although it is a tropical plant, in the days of very intense sun, the fruits can suffer burns, when they are not protected. It can be cultivated in any type of soil, as long as it is permeable, that is, not subject to waterlogging; it prefers, however, light soils, rich in nutrients and with pH between 4.5 and 5.5, although it tolerates those of lower pH. It is quite demanding on nutrients.
Generally, the natural flowering of pineapple occurs in the winter, because it is a plant of short days, that is, with the diminution of the photoperiod and or reduction of temperature, the apical bud is induced to produce an inflorescence instead of emitting leaves. The length of the natural cycle can vary from 10 to 36 months, since, besides climatic conditions, it depends on the planting season, the type and weight of the seedlings used, and also on the cultural practices adopted.
Text Information:ás
- First select a Pineapple of good quality, preferably an Organic Plant, Let's cut the Top Crown
Now remove the Leaves from the Base of the Crown, this will facilitate the development of the Roots
Put water in a cup container, and place the pineapple inside.
Let's follow the development!
Important informations:
1- Leave in place that has good luminosity
2 - change the water every 2 days to avoid insects that cause diseases.
Now the Roots are well developed
  Let's Grow in Container Made with Water Gallon
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